Usefull accessories for the milling technique.…

For Schick milling machines, as well as other manufacturers milling machines.

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Upgrade Set for Degussa F1

The upgrade set replaces the original milling spindle with the milling spindle from Schick. Consisting of milling spindle with cable, arm adapter 16 mm to 22 mm and Q3 Premium control unit table.

  •  Perfect concentricity
  • Quiet running
  • Speeds up to 60,000 rpm

Art.No.: 2600

consits of: milling spindle, Q3 control unit, adapter for milling arm

Measuring spindle

Measuring spindle – to be used for tracing, surveying and fixation of ready-made attachments.
Fits all milling machines.


ø 22 mm  /  adjustable from 0.5 - 3 mm

Art. No. 2052/1

Vermessungsspindel für alle Fräsgeräte von Schick Dental

Measuring set (Ney)

Measuring set for the exact measuring of the teeth undercut depth.

1x sensor, 1x undercut gauge 0,25 mm, 1x undercut gauge 0,5 mm, 1x undercut gauge 0,75 mm

Art. No. 10450   (ø 2,35mm) 

Vermessungsset nach Ney 2,35 mm von Schick Dental

Model table

Standard model table made from stainless steel for use in all Schick milling machines. Magnetic base.

Art. No. 2407/9

hochwertiger Modelltisch Schick Dental

Adjustable angle

Adjustable angle for the model table or milling tray. Great help on implants or bar type attachments. Can be fixed by the magnetic table function.


Art. No. 2506

Schick Dental Winkel verstellbar zur Aufnahme von Fräsmodellen

Lead holder

Lead holder for measuring and marking. Fits all milling machines. Minimum diameter: 2 mm

Art. No. 2268   (ø 2.35 mm)
Art. No. 2268/1   (ø 3.00 mm)

Graphitminenhalter Schick Dental für Fräsgeräte in der Zahntechnik

Holding tray and milling tray

Holding tray and milling tray for the production of stable milling models. The receiving tray can be locked magnetically on the milling unit. Milling tray made of aluminum. If the S1 Junior or S1 Basic milling machine is used, the holding tray is not necessary.

Milling tray   Art. No. 2507/1
Holding tray   Art. No. 2509

Frässchale Aufnahmeschale Schick GmbH für Fräsgerät

Milling set 2.35 mm

The compact but clever combination consists of the most precise hard metal milling cutters with matching shaft length. (For the production of individual milling or RSS feeds), longitudinally toothed milling cutters in 0 ° and 2 ° for telescopic and conical crowns, as well as suitable wax cutters, combine to form a clear set to cover all milling work of the laboratory day.


Art. No. 2530/1

Schick Dental Fräserset für Fräsgerät

Transfer unit

Transfer unit for the production of milling models in connection with the measuring spindle as well as the milling and holding tray.

Art. No. 2795  (ø 2.35 mm)
Art. No. 2795/1  (ø 3.00 mm)

Schick Dental hochwertige Übertragungsspinne für Fräsgerät

Light head

LED light head for optimal illumination. Fixing directly on the milling spindle. When the S1 milling machine is used, the power supply light head is additionally required.

Light head    Art. No. 2510
Power supply light head    Art. No. 2480/1

milling oil

Milling oil for high-quality milling surfaces. Protects the tools especially when processing NEM.

Contains: 50 ml  Art. No. 2575 
Contains: 100 ml Art. No. 2575/1

Fräsöl Schick Dental für hochwertige Fräsarbeiten