For highest demands

Schick presents a compact range of modeling waxes that are perfectly matched to basic modeling work in the laboratory.…

These have been developed in close collaboration with leading dental technicians and satisfy even the most exacting requirements of modern dental processing methods.

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Milling wax 30 g

Hard and brittle milling wax with the best scraping characteristics for cutting treatment in milling equipment.

Art. No. 3951

Cervical wax 30 g

Medium-hard wax with particularly small contraction for modelling the boundary areas.
Ideal for press ceramics.

Art. No. 3952

Ceramic wax 30 g

A stable, very hard modelling wax without titanium oxide and with extremely small contraction.
Ideal for press ceramics.

Art. No. 3953

Modelling wax 30 g

Opaque modelling wax for the high-contrast rendition of the surface texture.

Art. No. 3954