All single parts of the S Ceramic milling kits are available:…

For Schick milling machines, as well as other manufacturers milling machines.

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S1 Basic unit

A compact basic unit specially developed for the rework of ceramic materials.


The T100 turbine can be fixed easily into the 3D milling arm by utilizing an adapter sleeve. The S1 Basic Unit accepts most turbines from other manufacturers. Adapters for those turbines are available on request.


The suction tub can be fixed on the base plate using the clamping lever. It is possible to upgrade the S1 basic unit to a fully functional milling unit.


Art. No. 2805

Collection tub without nozzle

The perfect upgrade for any milling machine for the processing of high-performance ceramics and titanium alloys under water cooling. The new Schick Dental collection tub protects the user and the milling machine from the cooling water mist of the turbine. The water collects in the tub and the surrounding workplace remains pleasantly dry. The stainless steel bottom of the collecting tub can be fixed magnetically or manually on the milling table depending on the milling device. Although the model table adheres to the bottom of the tub thanks to the adhesive force of the water, it remains free to move horizontally. 


Art. No. 2498

Suction tub with nozzle

For the processing of high-performance ceramics under water cooling, a special suction tub has been developed, which can be used directly at the work table or at every commercially available milling machine. Due to the special shape, the resulting grinding dust is collected centrally in the tub together with the cooling water. In combination with the separator and the laboratory suction or alternatively with a wet vacuum cleaner, the water-dust mixture is completely sucked off.

Art. No. 2470/5


The special separator is positioned between the suction tub and the usual laboratory suction and serves to separate water from air. This keeps the laboratory suction filter dry.


Art. No. 2655

Turbine T100

Powerful turbine with water spray for use in the milling machine or hand-guided. 300,000 rpm and 1.4 L spray water tank. Fully adjustable.


Art. No. 2640/1

Model table stainless steel

Model table made from stainless steel.  Permanently resistant to corrosion.


Art. No. 2407/9

Light head for turbine

LED light head for the T100 turbine handpiece. The power is supplied via the controller or, if used in the S2 Profi and S3 Master directly via the milling unit.


Art. No. 2510/1

Power supply for LED light head

Power supply for LED light head 2510 and 2510/1 when using with the S1 Basic/Junior or competitor milling machines.


Art. No. 2480/1 

Diamond tool set for turbine

Diamond tool set with FG shank for working through sintered zircon with the turbine. 0 °, 1 ° and 2 ° diamonds respectively in rough and fine for pre-grinding and finishing.


Art. No. 2660

Polishing set 2.35 mm

Special three-stage polishing set with 2.35 mm shank for perfect polishing of zirconium telescopes.


Art. No. 2665

Adapter for turbine T100

Adapter specially for the T100 turbine handpiece.
Inner dimensions: 18 mm, outer dimensions: 22 mm


Fits all current Schick milling machines with a 22 mm pick-up diameter.

Art. No. 2481

Other adapters on request.

Adapter for Turbine AquaPresto

Adapter for the AquaPresto turbine handpiece.

Inner diameter: 15,65 mm
Outer diameter: 22 mm 


Fits to all current Schick milling machines.


Art. No. 2481/1

Adapter-sleeve for F1

Adapter especially for fitting the T100 handpiece to the Degussa F1 milling machine.


Art. No. 2481/6