Make things better

The new milling spindle with high-performance electronics allows
speeds of up to 80,000 rpm and opens up to the user
more processing options without complex conversion of the device or compromises in performance.…

3D milling cutter

  • Magnetic voltage lockable via foot switch or via Satellite
  • Easily resume from previous positions
  • Maximum precision and mobility due to ball guides
  • 25 mm drilling stroke



  • Flexible connection allows arbitrary positioning and supports personal, ergonomically optimal work
  • All settings can be easily viewed and controlled during the work process 
  • High contrast OLED grafic display

Art.No. 12500

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Height adjustable milling table

constant working and viewing height even with different heights of the milling models.

Control satellite

The control satellite, which can be flexibly positioned, provides information on all relevant operating parameters via the perfectly legible OLED display.

Technical details

  • S3 Premium