Universal and flexible

It is ideally suited for the detachment of telescopes and cones, as well as broken attachment parts.…

Due to the oscillations generated in the attachment part, the primary part and the secondary part can be separated without damaging the sensitive edge zone.

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Your benefits

  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Robust construction
  • Tempered ram, will not distort
  • Lifetime-lubricated ball bearing
  • For 2.35 mm diameter chucks
  • To be used with nearly all micromotors


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Schick Dental Niethammer für Mikromotoren
Riveting hammer

Art. No. 1850* 
Riveting hammer QUBE 
Art. No. 1850/2

Riveting hammer with chisel

Art. No. 1850/1*

Twin-riveting hammer

with plastic cap to be used on sensitive surfaces
Art. No. 1860*

*To be used with micromotors from other manufacturers