Electric wax knife

The electric wax knife with its sophisticated and ergonomic design is connectable to all QUBE control units.…

Additionally Schick Dental presents a compact programme of modelling waxes which are a perfect base for modelling work in the laboratory.

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The intelligent design of the wax knife and the rack is enabling an easy tool-free replacement of the modelling instruments during ongoing operation.

Modelling probe

Ø 0.6 mm

Art. No. 9200/2

Modelling probe

Ø 1.0 mm

Art. No. 9200/3

Modelling blade

Art. No. 9200/4

Your benefits

  • Cost reduction due to the time needed for tool exchange
  • Relaxed working through strain relief of the wrists
  • Individual control with the innovative operating satellite (revolutions, torque, speed control, right /left rotation, time,thermometer)
  • Integrated connection for the electric wax knife from Schick

Note: The electric wax knife can only be operated in conjunction with a QUBE or QUBE II control and is not a standalone device!

Technical data

  • Electric wax knife

Electric wax knife complete

Art. No. 9066

Scope of delivery:
Wax knife,
rack for wax knife, modelling blade,
2 modelling probes (Ø 0.6 and 1.0 mm)

Art. No. 9092

Scope of delivery:
(without waxes), base, cover