Zirconium processing with the electric spindle

The new S W1 water cooling system for the milling spindle is the ideal alternative to the turbine for wet machining of zirconium ceramics in the milling machine. For the first time, it offers the user the opportunity to process all-ceramics without having to use a turbine for the milling machine.…

Compared to a turbine, the bearing clearance-free milling spindle achieves absolutely precise results, especially in the production of 0 ° primary crowns. Thus, the S W1 meets the increased demands in the field of digital manufacturing of ceramic telescopes.

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Your benefits

  • Highest precision by using an electric milling spindle
  • No compressed air requirement
  • Inexpensive compared to the turbine
  • Easy filling thanks to removable water tank

Special notes:

The S W1 fits the following milling machines:
S1 Basic, S2 Master and S2 Profi, S3 Master and S3 Premium or other devices equipped with the current Schick milling spindle.

Degussa F1 user can use the S W1 in combination with the upgrade set Art.No. 2600

S W1

Wet processing with the electric spindle

Art.No. 2990

Scope of delivery:

S W1 waterstation with light head and water hose, nerve needle for cleaning the injector, hose clips, power supply