The new Schick absorber box XL is the cleanest solution for dust-intensive work. The extra large interior volume enables comfortable working with maximum freedom of movement. Generous access openings with rubber sleeves allow effortless insertion of hand tools and workpieces.…

An integrated extraction system with a fine filter provides a clear view of the workpiece at all times. Optionally, an external suction can be connected for maximum suction power by replacing the filter unit. The large-area LED lighting guarantees bright and shadow-free illumination of the work area.

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  • Flexible use in the laboratory thanks to integrated extraction
  • Large-area LED lighting
  • Extra large internal volume (21 liters)

The Schick Loupe as usefull add on!

For particularly filigree work, the Schick magnifying glass item no. 4430 can be placed on the pane of the absorber box XL. Perfect for exposing the preparation margins thanks to the triple magnification.

Technical data

  • Absorberbox XL