Exact and time saving

Until now, on many models, saw cuts had to be made manually by virtue of the small space between the preparation or the diverging alignment of the teeth.…

In addition to the increased risk of injury, this mode of operation also entails an increased risk of damage to the plaster model and is also very time-consuming.

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Save time and money

G2 Concept model saw
90 seconds *

Sawing by hand
180 seconds *

* Determined in the practice test on a model with 11 segments or 10 saw cuts.

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Working method

  • The model to be sawn is placed on the saw table and fixed with two hands.The integrated line laser allows precise positioning of the cut.
  • When lowering the saw table, the saw blade plunges into the model from below and sets a clean cut parallel to the pins.
  • The exact depth of cut can now be determined optically perfectly, since when the teeth are diverging, the saw is sawn to the preparation limit and broken by hand at the intended break site.
  • Since the saw cuts are parallel to each other, all model segments can be easily removed from the model.

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Modellbearbeitung mit der G2 Säge von Schick Dental aus Oberschwaben
Special diamond saw blade

developed for long lasting high precise and thin saw cuts

Technical data

  • G2 Concept

Model saw G2 cpl

Art. No. 1500/5 (230V)
Art. No. 1500/501 (115V)
Art. No. 1500/502 (100V)

Scope of delivery

G2 Concept model saw with integrated line-marking laser, mains cable, diamond saw blade

diamond saw blade

Art. No. 1967/2

adaptor for external suction

Art. No. 1580